Father And Son

SCFT Relationships Courses

Southampton Community Family Trust is a local charity that offers a variety of courses, all focused on encouraging, supporting and strengthening healthy relationships. SCFT aims to increase family stability locally, and also to improve relationship satisfaction, realising the importance of family to both individuals and the wider community.

SCFT’s courses are aimed at helping to make good relationships even better and also to support people through any difficulties in relationships, and there are courses for all stages of life. Their current courses include:

  • Marriage preparation for couples engaged to be married, or for those recently married
  • Marriage enrichment for couples who are already married
  • Parent preparation for those about to become a parent
  • Various parenting courses for parents and carers of children aged 3-14 years
  • Various events aimed at people aged 50 years+, focusing on relevant issues

To find out more, or to attend a course, please visit their website, email them via info@scft.org.uk, or telephone them on 023 8021 6003.