Personal Support

At New Community Church, we want to be a community that loves and cares for one another, celebrating each other’s successes and supporting each other in difficult times. We believe that leaders have a responsibility to create environments where community can flourish, but that everyone, along with the leaders, has a responsibility to love, care for and support one another.

Within our church, connect groups are the key place to build and express community, and the main place where this love, care and support can be expressed. We encourage everyone to join a connect group, and to take responsibility for looking out for others in that community.

However, there may be times when people need some extra support, in addition to the love, care and support provided by those in their connect group community. Various types of specialist support and care are available (many free of charge), and you can find out more about the different types of additional support, below:


Mentoring offers you the chance to develop your skills in a certain area, by working with someone more experienced.

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Coaching is a service that can help you plan and produce action and positive change in your life.

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Bereavement Support

Support is available, both for those who have been bereaved and also for those supporting bereaved people.

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Personal Counselling

CCTS (Central Counselling & Training Service) offer a confidential personal counselling service to all.

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Healing Prayer

Healing Prayer facilitates an encounter with God in the place of pain, resulting in healing and transformation.

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