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We want to help you grow in your relationship with God, and we offer a range of courses that provide opportunities for you to explore your faith, increase your knowledge, and encounter God. There's something for every stage of your faith journey, whether you are just starting to explore Christianity or are wanting a more in-depth course.

We also support several courses offered by local charities, including marriage and parenting courses, and training and supervision for those involved in counselling or pastoral care.


Explore life's big questions and the foundations of the Christian faith with this free, no-pressure course.

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The Omega Course

An interactive 5-session course for those who are over 60, looking at how to handle the life changes of later years, and finish life well.

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Pioneer Pathway

The Pioneer Church Leadership Pathway is a two-year programme for those called by God to lead church.

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Pastoral Training Courses

Take a look at these courses designed to better equip those involved in pastoral care.  

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Counselling Training Courses

If you're looking for professional counselling training, then the courses offered by CCTS are for you.

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Relationships Courses

Invest in your marriage or other relationships with one of a variety of courses offered by SCFT.

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