The Beatrice Project

The Beatrice Project

The Beatrice Project is a pilot scheme that has been running in rural Zimbabwe since August 2015. The project aims to help poor and vulnerable girls in marginalized rural communities by addressing some of their most basic needs, helping to restore dignity and opportunity to each one of them.

Currently running near Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, the project provides both practical resources and education around topical issues affecting young women, such as sexual health and abuse. The education programme is led by a sexual-health specialist, and is delivered through workshops and training sessions, using Zimbabwean materials in the appropriate languages.

In the rural communities, a combination of cultural attitudes, poverty and the inadequacy of existing sanitary protection, means that many girls are prevented from attending school during menstruation. The Beatrice Project helps to provide safe and affordable sanitary protection, enabling girls to make the most of the educational opportunities available to them. To date, the project has been able to provide disposable sanitary protection for a target group of 300 girls for a full year, and has also been able to fund resources for local ladies to continue to make reusable sanitary items. Long-term, the project aims to provide a machine to make disposable sanitary items, ensuring that more young women have the practical sanitary supplies they need in the future.

The Beatrice Project was set up by Joy and Qobolwakhe Khumalo, in partnership with Sue Hutchinson. You can find out more about the project, and keep up to date with all their news, on their Facebook page. You can read ther latest newsletter here.

How can I get involved?

You can get involved and support the work of The Beatrice Project in the following ways:

  • Give financially – The project is dependent on the generous donations of its supporters, and donations go towards the cost of provisions, resources and training. If you would like to support the project financially (either with a one-off donation or on an ongoing basis), you can donate online through Give.netor you can give cash or a cheque (payable to The Beatrice Project) to one of the project's trustees (Sue Hutchinson, Karen Trewinnard or Adrian Thomas) who will process it for you.
  • Like them on Facebook – You can keep up to date with all that the project is doing by liking their Facebook page.
  • Pray – Prayer for the project is also really appreciated, particularly for those who work with the project, and also for financial provision to ensure the scheme can continue.