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School of Ministries

School of Ministries is a teaching and training programme which aims to develop and train leaders in Christian ministry, working particularly in developing countries where leaders would be unable to attend traditional training establishments. The international aspect of the project has grown considerably in the last five years.

The School of Ministries’ modular programme arose out of an expectation of revival in the nations, and the recognition of a need to train and prepare existing and aspiring leaders for this. The programme consists of over 30 individual modules, and endeavours to provide essential training in each area of Christian life and ministry.

More details...

Where they work: In a variety of nations, including Uganda, India, Kenya, South Africa, Philippines, Tanzania, Zambia, Angola, Rwanda, USA, and Russia.
How leaders are recruited to attend the teaching programme: The project works with major leaders in various nations, and these leaders use their networks and friendships to gather existing and aspiring leaders to attend the teaching programme in their region.
The number of people attending each teaching session: Again, this varies, and can range from 25-500 people. The ideal number for each session is 50-70 people.
How the teaching is delivered: This varies depending on the location, and can range from one to four weeks of teaching being carried out in one go. Over a few years, a full training programme can be taught, and a diploma is available for those who have completed 32 modules.
Who does the teaching: A team of teachers, primarily from the UK and USA. They have been trained to carry out the teaching, and travel to the various centres in different nations, spending one to two weeks teaching there.
What the modular programme covers: The programme contains over 30 ten-hour modules, covering the following four streams: leadership, theology, pastoral, and practical. Each module also includes assignments for the attendees to complete.

How can I get involved?

You can get involved and support the work of School of Ministries in the following ways:

  • Give financially – School of Ministries depends on donations and subscriptions from individuals and churches. Since each visiting teacher pays their own expenses and supports themselves, any money donated to the project goes directly to the running costs of the school. Their website details more about how to donate financially and how your money can help. Both one-off and regular giving options are available.
  • Sign up to their email newsletter - Receive regular updates about the project and find out about current prayer requests, by signing up on their website.
  • Pray – The project also appreciates regular prayer support, particularly for financial provision, for the health and safety of teachers carrying out the training, and for the centre leaders in the various areas. You can also attend their termly prayer meetings; email for more information.

 You can visit the School of Ministries website for more detailed information.