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Community Café

The Community Café is a weekly café offering a free hot meal to anyone in need, and serves 70-100 guests each week, including people who are homeless, vulnerably housed or lonely. The café aims to provide a safe and friendly environment where everyone is welcome and respected, regardless of beliefs, background or situation.

The café is run entirely by volunteers, and has grown substantially since it started in 2007. It is entirely funded by New Community Church.

More details...

When: Every Sunday, 4.30-6pm (including Easter and Christmas)
Where: In the Small Hall of Central Hall, St. Mary Street, Southampton, SO14 1NF. (Entry for volunteers is via the rear car park).
What to expect: Hot drinks are available to guests from 4.30pm, with cold drinks always available on the tables. A free cooked meal and dessert is served to guests at their tables from 5pm. Information about other helpful agencies will also be available to guests.
For more information: Please contact Katrina Mack or Mat Comer via

How can I get involved?

There are various ways you can get involved and support the work of the Community Café, including:

  • Volunteer – The Café relies entirely on the involvement and commitment of its hard-working volunteers to keep functioning. There are various roles that volunteers can fill, and you can find out more about these below.
  • Give financially – Financial donations towards the Café’s work are greatly appreciated, and as the Café operates within the New Community Network charity, Gift Aid can also be collected from tax-paying supporters.
  • Pray – Ongoing prayer for the Community Café is also very valued.

Volunteer opportunities

Whether you are able to help regularly once a month or more, or just now and then when you’re available, there are various ways you can volunteer to help at the Café, and new volunteers are always very welcome.

The main volunteer roles are:

1) Being a friendly face, which involves:

  • Sitting and talking with guests
  • Serving food and drinks to the guests at their tables
  • Setting up tables and chairs
  • Clearing away and cleaning up after guests have left

2) Kitchen assistant, which involves:

  • Helping with kitchen preparation
  • Dishing up of food
  • Helping with washing up and clearing up

Volunteer requirements

The Community Café welcomes new volunteers and aims to be as inclusive as possible, with helpers from a variety of backgrounds. Some helpers come as and when they can (serving as 'friendly faces'). Others are part of a regular monthly rota, serving once every four or eight weeks (serving as either a 'friendly face' or a kitchen assistant).

The time commitment involved on the Sunday depends on the type of role you volunteer for. Kitchen assistants need to arrive by 2.30pm, and 'friendly face' volunteers need to arrive by 3pm; both roles finish by 6.30pm. 

All volunteers are required to complete a volunteer agreement form.

If you would like to volunteer with the Community Café, please contact Katrina Mack or Mat Comer via


Watch our video about volunteering with the Community Café: