About Overseas Projects

As a church, we are involved in and support several organisations that run projects overseas. We want to see people of all nations encounter the love of Jesus, and these overseas projects provide us with an opportunity to show God’s love to people in practical ways.

Through these projects, we’re able to share the resources we have with others. This may be expressed in different ways, including through the provision of material possessions and through the sharing of knowledge via training and education.

We’d love for you to get involved and support these projects, and we believe that everyone has a valuable contribution they can make. 

Why should I get involved?

These are just a few of the many great reasons for joining us in supporting overseas projects:

How can I get involved?

There are lots of ways you can join us in supporting overseas projects. Here are just a few of the ways:

Each of the projects has different opportunities for getting involved. You can find out more about each project, and any opportunities to get involved, on the project’s information page. 

Below are the overseas projects or organisations we are currently involved with. Don’t forget to also find out about the local community projects that we run ourselves and the local community projects we support.

School of Ministries

School of Ministries is an international teaching and training programme which aims to train leaders in Christian ministry.

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New Community Kibera

New Community Kibera is a non-profit organisation working in Kibera, one of the world’s largest slums.

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The Beatrice Project

The Beatrice Project is a pilot scheme helping to restore dignity and opportunity to girls in rural Zimbabwe.

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