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Whole-Church Information Evening Summary

If you weren't able to make it along to our whole-church information evening on 21st September, you can read, below, a summary of the information we shared:

Billy Kennedy -  The Future of New Community Church 
We recognise that God is on the move and that society is changing and that we are changing. We want to continue to be pioneers, moving with the Spirit of God. With New Community Eastleigh becoming Thrive Church we have been making some changes within the New Community Network structure.

When Billy and Caroline were asked to take on the church the word they were given from God was ‘Generations, generations, generations.’ 

So how do we maintain our church into the future? 

   1. We need to continually be prophetic - listening to the voice of the Spirit that we might know what God is saying to us now. 
   2. We need to put a structure in place that is able to sustain us into the future.  

We have been able to achieve much of what we have been doing for the last 40 years thanks to the generous giving of the members of our congregations. A significant portion of our giving comes from those over 60, so looking ahead to the future we could be in a challenging position, as many of the founders and fathers of our movement are reaching retirement age. 

We have asked the question, is there a way in which we can look to create a sustainable future (without the next generation taking on lots of debt, particularly from the building)?

In response, we have decided to separate the commercial element of what we do from the church side. New Community Network will be split into two elements: New Community Church and New Community Ventures. 

Our long term goal is that New Community Ventures would make enough profit to fund the building costs and the costs of running the church so that one day the church can give 100% of its tithe to mission and projects, rather than having to use tithes to cover building and operating costs.

Our aim is to still work together with one vision to see lives changed and communities transformed.

Theo Amer -  New Community Church 
The leadership team want to support and encourage the areas which enable our vision to be fulfilled. 

We want to restructure in order to make ourselves more effective in the things we do. In the past, three congregations have been semi-autonomous - each with their own way of doing things. Whilst we recognise it is good to have different expressions, we feel to focus on being ‘One church’ with 3 services: The 10am at Central, the 10.30am at Sholing and the 6pm at Central. 

We therefore want to unify the following areas across the whole church: Community Life, Ministry Teams, Local Mission and Evangelism, International Mission, and Operations (outlined below).

Community Life (overseen by Theo) - Connect Groups, Children, Youth, Students, Discipleship, and Pastoral.
Ministry Teams (overseen by Billy) - Teaching, Worship, Prayer Ministry, Prophetic, and Intercession.
Local Mission and Evangelism (overseen by Adam) - Evangelism, Community Cafe, and Partnerships.
International Mission (overseen by Billy) - School of Ministries, New Community Kibera, and New Community Housing.
Operations (overseen by Theo) - Commercial, Finance, Admin, HR and Safeguarding, and Communications.

Shelly Frame - New Community Ventures
Shelly Frame has volunteered to be the Managing Director of New Community Ventures. New Community Ventures will be a subsidiary of the New Community Network charity. It will be a for-profit Limited Company and VAT registered with the aim to achieve the following:

   1. Produce enough income to cover group costs of all activities across the network.
   2. Get to a place where 100% of church tithes can go to mission. 
   3. Produce enough profits to become debt free.
   4. Leave a legacy for the next generation of church.

New Community Ventures will include the following areas: CCTS, Events, Buildings, and Central Coffee, and will have very clear business plans put in place with time frames in order to project the profitability of our activities. We will aim to offer professional services in order to earn our market share and to produce profits for the network.

Change can be unsettling and there can be mixed feelings at first, but we believe this is a good step forward towards obtaining a sustainable future for the next generations.  


Mike and Amanda Thom -  The New Community Housing Project 
The house in Le Vay was sold in March of this year after the Thoms and leadership team felt like God was taking the NC housing project into a new season back in the UK. The Thoms have been exploring properties in England, including the Isle of Wight, looking for ideas as to where the next project could be hosted, reflecting on the vision and needs of our community. Mike and Amanda have asked everyone to pray about the next stages and we hope to host a separate vision and information evening in the near future.

New Community Kibera 
Dave Boniface is going to Kibera in the coming weeks. Let’s continue to pray for him and the team as they travel out at a time of political unrest. The £3000 for accommodation for 3 families in Kenya was raised on community Sunday. Thank you for your generous donations.

Hope Community School 
On Thursday 21st September we held the Official Opening of Hope Community School at Central Hall. It was a great way to celebrate our 125-year commitment to serving the city.

If you have any questions about the information, please send an email to