Jar of Coins

We're Giving to Some Great Causes!

In light of our Sundays' 'Blessed Life' teaching series, we've been looking at how generous we are, as a church organisation. We've decided that we'd love to increase our giving to give away 10% of our unrestricted income to support other good causes!

As an organisation, we have two types of income: restricted and unrestricted. Restricted income is money that people give to us for a specific project or cause, and all the money collected goes directly to that cause. An example of this type of income is money raised specifically for the work in Kibera. All of our restricted income is already given away to the specific charity or cause.

Unrestricted income is money that is commonly known as general funds, and can be spent or applied at the discretion of the Trustees and Senior Leaders to further any of the charity’s purposes. We use this income to cover our running costs as a church, and for outreach and ministry activities, such as the community café, Alpha, our carol service, youth and children's work, and much more. We currently already donate some of this type of income to other charities and causes, but we've decided that we'd like to increase the amount of this type of income we give away to 10%. This means we will be giving away an additional £17,000 of this financial year's income, including £9,000 to three worthy causes.

Here's your chance to get involved in deciding where this additional money will go!

We want to support other charities and projects that make a real difference in people's lives, so we've chosen three causes, based on your nominations: Edith's Home, Families First, and Southampton Children's Hospital Charity. The causes will be labelled onto three 'transforming community' boxes. On Sunday 15th July (at Central Hall) and Sunday 22nd July (at St. Andrew's), each person attending the service will receive a token to place in the box that represents the cause you'd most like to support. Each of the three causes will receive a proportion of the £9,000, depending on the amount of tokens they receive. The more tokens the cause gets, the bigger the percentage of the £9,000 they'll receive!

So get involved and decide which deserving cause will receive your token!