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Love Southampton Update

Love Southampton is an initiative started by churches in Southampton, and comes from a shared love of God and love for our neighbours. The initiative is designed to help local people and projects work collaboratively for the good of communities in the city, and it does this by initiating, co-ordinating and mobilising resources. It also aims to facilitate efficient communication between the churches of Southampton and the local council and others who serve the city.

Love Southampton is supported by three church networks: Churches Together, Southampton Christian Network (SCN), and the Southampton Pastors’ Network.

The Love Southampton summer 2016 newsletter has just been released, and contains information about recent activities, ongoing projects, and upcoming intitiatives, and also includes an introductory note from Rt Revd Dr Jonathan Frost, Bishop of Southampton. Take a look to find out more.

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For more information about Love Southampton, please visit their website or subscribe to their emailed newsletter.