Kibera Children’s Feeding Programme Update

New Community supports the work of the ICA (International Christian Assemblies) children’s feeding programme in Kibera, and ICA have recently produced a report on the programme’s impact during September and October 2014. It’s great to hear how the programme is continuing to grow and affect the local community.

The ICA children’s feeding programme is about so much more than just providing children with a hot meal. The food side of the programme is, of course, important; almost 500 children were provided with a cooked meal in October. However, the impact of the feeding programme extends far beyond nutrition, and even beyond the fun of the outdoor games organised for the children.

The programme also offers a Bible-teaching session for the children, where they can learn about God’s love for them. The ICA report describes how the recent theme of ‘Hearing the Voice of God’, helped the children to realise the many times God had been speaking to them without them recognising it. Through discussion together, the children were able to share their experiences.

“…it was quite amazing to see how God reveals himself to these little children.” (ICA Report)

The feeding programme also facilitates outreach to the community in Kibera, providing opportunities for evangelism and increasing acceptance within the community. Interactions with children’s parents and other adults in the community also result from the work.

The story of Simon, a ten-year-old boy, illustrates what the programme is all about. Simon ran away from home after stealing from his parents. He arrived at the feeding programme and the staff were able to then reconcile him with his parents, who were very grateful. Simon’s parents have now agreed to him attending the feeding programme on a regular basis, and even agreed to him attending Sunday services. The family is reconciled, and another child has the opportunity to learn about God’s love.

Please pray for the work of the feeding programme as it continues to see increasing numbers of children attending each month. Please also pray for some of the older children who don’t always make it to the Bible hour due to school tuition or household chores.

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