Kibera Feeding Programme Update - June

New Community supports the work of the ICA (International Christian Assemblies) children’s feeding programme in Kibera, one of the largest slums in Africa.

The feeding programme has three main objectives: to provide the children with a nutritious cooked meal, to teach them about the love of God, and to offer them the chance to participate in fun recreational activities and games.

ICA have recently produced a report on the programme’s impact during May and June 2015, and once again it’s really encouraging to hear about the positive impact the programme is having, not just for the children who attend but also for the wider community.

‘Children are excited; they attend regularly without failure and always look forward to participating’, ICA reports. ‘Even the heavy rains and the mud in May and June could not dampen their spirits.’

The feeding programme is a support to parents as well, who have a difficult task raising a child in a community like Kibera. Parents are aware of the programme’s work, and the report comments that parents who had previously given up on their children have now joined hands with ICA to help teach their children godly virtues.

Opportunities for evangelism and increasing acceptance within the local community are additional benefits of the programme. Some absentee parents are noticing a positive change in the lives of their children since the feeding programme began and are making contact with the programme, providing opportunities for ICA to share the love of Jesus with them as we all as with their children.

The ICA report shared the story of their recent contact with one mother who was severely alcoholic and was negligent of her children. The mother traced her children to the feeding programme, where ICA were able to meet her and share the love of Jesus with her. They were able to encourage her to attend the other feeding programmes, so she could learn more of God’s love and the hope that is found in Jesus. Without the programme’s work this interaction would not have occurred.

The ICA report concluded with the following message to all of you who already generously support this important work:

‘We thank God for your support and always mention you in our prayers. The seed of love and hope you are helping us to impart in their [the children’s] lives will never go unrewarded.’

Please continue to pray for the work of the feeding programme, for its workers, and for all those in the local community that it reaches.

You can find out more about the programme and how you can support it, on our New Community Kibera page.