Jar of Corks

Hope Community School Resources

We're collecting extra resources for Hope Community School. Do you have any of the items we're looking for that you could donate?

Many of the items still needed are the sorts of things that may be lurking in your cupboards, drawers or sheds, gathering dust. We're looking for particular items, like children's magazines, empty thread spools, corks, and dried orange slices, which can be used in craft activities. We're also looking for old metal kitchen utensils for pretend play, old garden tools, and an assortment of other items. Take a look at the full list of items we still need. The list will be updated to remove items as we have sufficient.

If you have any items you can contribute, please select them on the list (so we know what to expect) and bring them to Central Hall (the church or school side) during working hours, or on a Sunday morning. Thank you!