Hope Community School Classroom 2

Hope Community School is Now Open!

Hope Community School is now open and running from Central Hall!

After a four-year journey of planning and preparing, the 11th September saw the first class of Year-R pupils moving into the new classrooms at Central Hall, where the school will be based for the next two years. 

Hope Community School Entrance Banner 2

The Hope Community School Pupils and Families:
We Are HopeAfter a day of settling-in half-day sessions on the Monday, the children are now enjoying full days in their new school, getting stuck into all sorts of fun activities, such as digging, planting, building and riding trikes, and of course making new friends at the same time!

To make the transition bit easier for parents who were dropping their children off for their first school day, we provided 'blessing bags' for each family, with a voucher for free coffee and cake in our coffee shop, Central Coffee. It was great to welcome the new Hope Community School families to the building!

Central Hall:
Parts of Central Hall have been completely redesiged and transformed in order to provide the brand new school environment, which now includes two classrooms, a lunch room, office spaces, a medical room, and an outside playground. Construction at Central Hall started in June, and in a short space of time, the contractors have completely remodelled parts of the building into a bright and functional school environment. You can see some before and after photos below:

BEFORE: Before Collage

After Collage

Playground Collage