Excite Youth Group Christmas Party

Central congregation's youth group, Excite, recently had its Christmas party. Keiran Boniface, Central's youth worker, filled us in on how the evening went...

"On the 18th December, Excite held its inaugural Black Tie Christmas Party. Like something out of Winter Wonderland, we turned the small hall into a Christmas bonanza even Elf would be proud of. 

Youth Christmas Party5We welcomed 28 young people, all looking fantastic in their suits and dresses. It was a real sight to see so many come from afar, just like the wise men did all those years ago. The stage was set: six beautifully crafted Christmas tables, a snow-laden Christmas tree and enough lights to be seen in space. All that was left was to invite the young people to step into their very own slice of Christmas.

Youth Christmas Party4

As we sat down to eat, we prayed and gave thanks to Jesus, the one who made all this possible. We were treated to a fantastic two-course meal, with the most exciting part being the pudding! The young people’s eyes lit up as they gorged themselves on sweets, ice cream and more sweets; many had to abandon their ice cream-laden ships through fear of being so high on sugar they may never see the light of day.

As the sugar wore off, we had the privilege of awarding certificates to some very special young people who had caught our eye throughout the weeks of Excite, though many of the awards were for comical reasons! 

After this, all that was left to do was burn off those calories with a photo booth. Many young people taking snaps with their friends really brought home the importance of relationships, which fitted in so relevantly with the message of Christ's birth - that God sent his Son so we may have relationship with Him.

Youth Christmas Party2

The evening was a huge success; lots of photos were taken, lots of stories to be told, and, most importantly, lots of relationships grew stronger.

Merry Christmas!"

Keiran Boniface
Youth Worker for Central congregation.