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Digital Parenting Workshop

Are you unsure about how to keep your child safe online? Then don't miss this informative and practical workshop!

Our children are seldom disconnected from the internet, but how can we steer them through its dangers and, in many cases, save them from themselves? Our best line of defence against cyber bullying and the best way to keep our children safe online is to engage with them in meaningful and timely communication. But where do we start? Come along to this free workshop, share your experience and tips on what works for your children, and get equipped with advice and resources to help navigate this exciting yet tricky path.  

The workshop will take place in the Small Hall while the ALL:IN youth event is taking place in the Main Hall, to make it easier if you are already bringing young people to Central Hall for ALL:IN.

When: 7-9pm, Thursday 27th February 2020. Refreshments available from 6.45pm.
Where: Small Hall, Central Hall, St. Mary Street, Southampton, SO14 1NF.
Who it's for: Open to any parent, but particularly geared to parents of children in school years 3-9.
Cost: Free.
Hosted by: Phil (Chix) Wickins
For more information: Please email nextgen@newcommunity.org.uk.