Books on a Bookshelf

Christian Books and DVDs Needed for SOM

Have you got any good Christian books or DVDs collecting dust on your bookshelf? If you have, why not donate them to School of Ministries?

School of Ministries (SOM) is an international teaching and training programme that helps train and develop leaders in Christian ministry. It works primarily in developing countries where leaders don't have access to traditional training establishments and resources.

The project is currently looking to collect good Christian books and DVDs that could be distributed to church leaders studying with SOM, helping to resource leaders in their training. Any surplus books or DVDs would be sold to raise funds for the work of SOM. Please could you check your bookshleves and cupboards and donate any books or DVDS you no longer need?

Donations of Christian books or DVDs can be given to Graham Bower at church on a Sunday, or left in the box in the reception area at Central Hall. Thank you for your help!