NCC 284

Billy's Pioneer Role Change

As most of you will know already, Billy Kennedy, who is part of our NCN leadership team, also leads the Pioneer network of churches that we are part of. Billy, along with his wife, Caroline, has been leading the network since 2009, and the network has grown considerably in that time, both in the UK and also internationally. Pioneer church networks now exist in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Kenya and the USA.

In response to this growth, and to help facilitate the future growth of the network and its churches, new Pioneer leadership appointments were announced at this year's Pioneer Leaders Conference in March. From September, Billy will take on the role of Pioneer International Leader, focusing on supporting the Pioneer churches and networks overseas. Ness Wilson, team leader of the Open Heaven Church leadership team and currently regional leader for Pioneer Midlands, will take on the role of UK network leader for Pioneer from September.

Billy will continue to head up our church leadership team, as he currently does, and we look forward to hearing more about our partner churches overseas!