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August Kibera Trip

The New Community Kibera Project is a partnership between Kenyan and UK volunteers, aiming to support practical development in Kibera, one of the world's largest slums. The organisation helps to resource and fund health, educational and micro-finance projects that are taking place in the area, aiming to help deliver sustainable improvement in the quality of life of people in the Kibera community, and with an emphasis on fostering independence for local people.

Approximately twice a year, a team of volunteers from the UK go out to Kibera, and we have a trip coming up in August. On this trip, five volunteers from different UK churches (including our own) will be travelling to Kibera, spending just over a week there. The project areas that wll be focused on during this trip are:

- Football Coaching
Two of the volunteers will be running a football academy for local football coaches during this trip. Football provides an important distraction for young people in an area where gang culture, crime and violence are rife, and development of a local youth football team has corresponded with a significant drop in crime in the area. Our volunteers are able to support the local football coaches by teaching drills and training methods. The local footballers have organised a football tournament to immediately follow the visit. 

- Community Healthcare
Diseases like typhoid, cholera, malaria and STIs affect large amounts of people in Kibera, and rates of unplanned pregnancies are also very high. Two of our volunteers will focus on delivering community healthcare training during the visit, helping to equip local people with the knowledge and skills they need
to be voluntary health workers in their area, so they can pass on what they have learned to others.


- Education
Dave Boniface, leading the trip, will focus on education development and Elpo School during the visit. Elpo School has grown from a 14-pupil school in 2015 to a 120-pupil school in a purpose-built building. The school offers low-cost quality education for Primary-aged children, as well as nutritious lunches, and is a place where hope is cultured. It represents the potential for change in Kibera, and offers education that can help provide a stepping stone out of poverty for young people.


- Micro-Enterprise Development
Dave Boniface will also spend time during the trip focusing on the micro-enterpise development programme. In a community with an unemployment rate of about 50%, this programme helps local people in Kibera establish sustainable small businesses, helping to improve their quality of life. The programme offers business development training and support, as well as a small seed fund for setting up or expanding small businesses, and is administered by a local committee of volunteers - all successful and well-respected business people themselves.


Please be praying for the team of volunteers, and those they will be partnering with in Kibera, especially in the lead-up to this visit and while they are away. The trip will take place from the 13th -21st August 2019. 

If you would like to find out more about the New Community Kibera Project, or how you could support it, we have an overview of the project on our website project page. You can also visit the organisation's own website for more detail. 

If you think you may be interested in being part of a future trip (even if there's only a small chance of you participating) please email Dave Boniface at to start a conversation. It doesn't commit you to anything at this stage, but who knows where it may lead?