40th Anniversary Party- Whole event

40th Anniversary Party

IMG 1480On Saturday 28th March, we celebrated New Community's 40th Anniversary in style, with a big party at Central Hall. With great live music, the presentation of commemorative plaques, and the chance to catch up with friends from the past, this was definitely an event to remember!

40Th Anniversary Party People Chatting
Over 300 people of all ages gathered at Central Hall on the Saturday evening, with plenty of familiar faces from the church's past mingling with our Central, Eastleigh and Sholing congregations to mark this special occasion. Several people even dressed up in fashion from one of the previous four decades (spot them in the photos!)! 

40Th Anniversary Party Montage
Sophisticated trio Cordelectra provided elegant electric string music, and we enjoyed delicious canapés while we chatted with friends from the past and present.

40th Anniversary Party- AwardsIn honour of the occasion, we had the privilege of presenting commemorative plaques to 22 people who had been present at the first meeting of the church forty years ago and who are still an active part of our church community today. Symbolically, our current leaders presented the plaques in recognition of the hard work that took place to establish the foundations of the church 40 years ago. It was great to be able to mark the commitment of these 22 people to the church over the years, and publically thank them. 

40Th Anniversary Party CJ Edwards BandAs the evening moved on, our '40 Years of Dance' video (definitely worth a watch and sure to make you smile!) provided the perfect intro to the 'dancing' part of the evening, which contained fantastic live music courtesy of the amazing CJ Edwards Band and classy trio, Cordelectra. 40Th Anniversary Party People Dancing2It was great to see all ages enjoying the music and dancing together!

We had a fantastic time celebrating 40 years of our church, and we're looking forward to many more exciting years to come.

Thank you to all those who helped to organise such a successful and fun event, and thank you to everyone who came along to help us celebrate!

Why not watch our 40th anniversary video, created in honour of the event?