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Connect Groups

Connect Groups are gatherings of people meeting together to cultivate friendship and to support and encourage one another in our inward, outward and upward journeys as disciples of Jesus.

Some groups have a particular focus of growing and developing in a particular area, others have a shared purpose. Some groups meet for a specified number of weeks; others meet weekly longer-term. Our groups are all different, as they reflect the fact that we are a church family of different people at different stages ... but whoever you are and wherever you’re at we’d love you to join a group and find a place of belonging with us. Come and be a part of it!

Welcome Connect

- Weekly on Tuesday (except the 2nd Tuesday of each month) from 5th Nov. 2019.
- 7.45-9.30pm
- Room 4, Central Hall, St. Mary Street, Southampton, SO14 1NF. (Entrance via car park)
- Leaders: Shirley and Richard Webster, and Nico and Carolyn Chart

We are a welcoming connect group that is a great place to start if you are new to New Community Church or have only been attending for a few weeks or months. You'll have the opportunity to get to know others, build friendships and develop your relationship with God, and we can help you to find out more about our church community and how to get involved.

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Monday Night Group

- For women
- Every other week on Monday
- 7.45-9.30pm
- Bitterne Park
- Leaders: Keren Wickins, Fiona Haigh, and Laura Waterton

We explore how to be more like Jesus, and encourage each other in this.

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Business Group

- Weekly on Tuesday
- 7.45pm
- Shirley and Hythe
- Leaders: Anna and David Wright, and Tom and Shelly Frame

We support each other as business owners to grow both our businesses and our faith. We want to encourage and support others thinking of starting a business.

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Connect Mums

- Weekly on Wednesday mornings
- Various locations, usually close to Bitterne Park
- Leaders: Jen Cox and Kirstie Chart

We're a community for new (or not so new) mums, providing an opportunity to gather together and support each other at a time when life in general - and church life - may have changed significantly. We meet to catch up and aim to build our faith together - whether it's through doing a bible study or reading a book, or just sharing life. 

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Scutt Group

- Every other week on a Tuesday
- 7.30-9pm
- Portswood
- Leaders: Geoff and Olivia Scutt

We meet for mutual support, prayer and to discuss relevant biblical issues.


MacArthur, Comer and Whyley Group

- Weekly on Thursday
- 7.30pm
- Bitterne Park or Highfield
- Leaders: Charlotte and Ben MacArthur, Rachel and Mat Comer, and Chris Whyley

We meet to encourage, support, study, discuss and pray together, as we live out our Christian faith. We often eat together and always include a boys' social, a girls' social, and a mixed social each term.

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Millers Pond Group

- Every other week on Thursday
- 7.30pm
- Woolston and Sholing
- Leaders: Di Bower and Mandy Harding

We aim to grow in our relationship with God and be an encouragement to each other and those around us. We share experiences and knowledge, read and study the Bible, pray, worship, and seek to deepen intimacy with God. We like to practically help one another, and often have social events.

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Young Adults Connect Group

- Particularly for young adults
- Every Wednesday (except the second Wednesday of each month when we will attend Going Deeper at Central Hall instead)
- 8.15pm
- Highfield
- Leaders: John and Frances Duff


We are a group that provides a place of welcome and encouragement for young adults, whether single, married or with families. We'll spend time following up on our Sundays services, praying together, socialising and having fun.

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Older Youth Connect Group

- For youth in school years 9+ (up to age 18 years)
- Weekly on Thursday
- Bitterne Park
- Leaders: Ben Hinks and Catherine Sheen

We meet to catch up, play games, eat, look at the Bible and apply it to our lives, pray for each other and encounter God!

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Creative Prayer Group

- Every other week on Tuesday (from 21st Jan. 2020)
- 7.30-9pm
- Highfield/Portswood
- Leader: Nicola Symes

We'll meet to encourage each other in our walk with God, and to discover new ways to pray. We'll use pictures, music, nature, colour and more to explore different ways we can communicate with God.

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God Secrets Group

- Every other week on Wednesday (from 22nd Jan 2020 - 13th May 2020 inclusive)
- Bitterne Park
- Leaders: Amy Ward
- Starting in the New Year 2020


We will be working through the God Secrets course, written by Shawn Bolz. This course focuses on gaining a deeper understanding of Words of Knowledge and their application in life today.

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Coming Soon: Bible Study Group

- Weekly on Mondays (10 sessions from 3rd Feb 2020 - 27th April 2020; no sessions on 24th Feb, 2nd Mar or 13th Apr)

- 7.30-9.30pm
- Central Hall
- Leaders: Phil Orchard and Graham Bower


We'll be working through the New Testament book of Ephesians, using a mixture of explanation and meditation to help us understand its teaching and how it applies to our lives today. This short course is for anyone who wants to explore this book of the Bible more, whatever your age, stage of faith, or Bible knowledge. There'll be lots for us all to learn!

If you'd like to join this course, just come along to Central Hall on the night - there's no need to book in in advance.

Central Hall location

Coming Soon: Tuning in to God Group

- Wednesdays on the following dates: 5th Feb, 26th Feb, 4th March, 18th March, 1st April.

- 7.30-9.00pm
- Upper Shirley
- Leaders: Hilary Moore and Sue Boniface


Over five sessions, we'll be exploring the prophetic, to hear from God more clearly for ourselves and to encourage others. In an informal and relaxed atmosphere, we’ll take time to develop personal skills together, sharing our experience in a practical way. If you’re new to the prophetic or lacking in confidence in this area, this is a safe environment in which to build confidence.

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Coming Soon: Walking With God Group

- Every other week (day and time TBC)
- Location TBC
- Leader: John Deagle


We will use a variety of activities to explore living in God's presence, recognising that much of Jesus' discipleship was on the road/on the move. Activities will include walking and prayer walking, amongst other things, and we'll link with the Biblical accounts of Enoch, and also Jesus appearing to disciples on the road to Emmaus.

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