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Central Sunday Service

We meet on Sunday mornings for vibrant worship, practical Bible-based teaching, opportunity for prayer, and time to interact with others and build friendships. There are also groups for children and youth, with fun, age-appropriate activities. We'd love you to join us!

We understand that going to a service for the first time can be a bit daunting, so we'll do our best to make you feel comfortable and welcome. Our Sunday services are relaxed and informal, with a mix of ages, and anyone is welcome to come along. On this page you can find out a bit more about what to expect on the day. 

General Info:

Central Hall SignWhat time does the service start? 10am, Sunday mornings (check our calendar for exceptions). Feel free to arrive a bit earlier for free refreshments and pastries!
Where is the service held? We meet at Central Hall, St. Mary Street, Southampton, SO14 1NF
Is there parking nearby? There are a few places you can park near to Central Hall. All the information can be found on this Parking at Central Hall page.
What should I wear? Our Sunday services are informal and relaxed, and most people are casually dressed. However, feel free to wear smarter clothes if you'd rather; the most important thing is that you feel comfortable.

Facilities and Accessibility:

IMG 8424 CroppedAre there any activities for children and youth? Yes, we have groups on a Sunday morning for children and youth from 0yrs to school year 11. Children and youth usually stay in the main service for the worship time and notices, and then go out to their groups before the talk starts. You'll need to go out with your child so that you can sign them in to their group (you can then return to the main hall), and you'll need to go and collect your child from their group at the end of the service. Our Children's Programmes page and Youth Programmes page will tell you more about the groups we run on a Sunday morning.
Is the venue and service accessible? Central Hall has disabled access and facilities, including accessible toilet facilities and a lift to provide access to the ground floor and first floor of our main hall. Parking can be reserved in Central Hall's small car park for blue badge holders and people with limited mobility; please phone 023 8023 7700 in advance to reserve a space. We also have a hearing loop for use by people with hearing aids.
Are there parent and baby facilities? Yes, we have a specific baby room (Room 6) for parents and carers of little ones, with comfy chairs, baby changing facilities and a screen playing the service from the Main Hall. So if you want to take your baby out of the service, you can still enjoy the worship and talk from the Main Hall. Baby changing facilities can also be found in the ladies' toilets and in the accessible toilets.

What to Expect:

When you arrive at Central Hall, you'll be met by one of our welcome team, who'll be able to direct you to our refreshments table and seating in the main hall. They'll also be able to provide any information you may need about children's groups. The service itself typically takes the following format:

Worship Cropped- Welcome and worship time: The meeting host will open the service by welcoming everyone. This is followed by a time of worship. We mainly use mordern Christian songs, with a live band leading the worship from the stage at the front. The words for the songs will be displayed on the screen behind the stage, and you are welcome to join in as much or as little as you like, or to simply observe. Please also feel free to stand or sit as you feel comfortable.

The time of worship may also include a Bible reading and prayers. Part way through the time of worship, the meeting host will ask parents to take their children to their groups. Parents will return to the main hall once they've signed their children in to their groups.

- Notices and offering: We will normally play a video sharing any news or notices about upcoming events. We will also take an offering as an expression of our thanks to God. This offering usually goes towards the work of the church. Naturally, if you are visiting us for the first time, feel free to simply pass the basket by; we don't expect you to give anything.

Adam Speaking Cropped- Talk: One of our team will speak for about 20 minutes from the front on a Bible passage or theme. The talk will contain practical, Bible-based teaching that we can apply to our lives, and will be relevant and inspiring.

- Reflection/response time: After the talk, there will be time to reflect on and respond to the teaching. This time may include quiet, individual prayer or some worship songs. During this time or after the service, there will be opportunity to receive prayer for anyone who wants this; this may be prayer for something related to the service, or for anything else, such as prayer for healing or for help with a difficult situation. If you would like prayer, you're welcome to provide as much or as little information as you feel comfortable with; we will be happy to pray with you without knowing the issue if you'd prefer.

- Close of the meeting: The meeting host will bring the service to a close, and will encourage parents to go and collect their children from their groups. The service usually finishes about 11.30am. Refreshments will be served after the service, so you'd be very welcome to stay for a cuppa! We also have a welcome desk, where you can find out more about our church and all that we do. Please come and say hello; we'd love to meet you!


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