Eating Dinner

Student Takeaway

On Sunday 19th November, after the 10am morning meeting at Central Hall, we're having the Student Takeaway! Many of you may remember this idea from a couple of years ago, but in case you don’t...

The idea behind Student Takeaway is that members of the congregation arrange to take 2 (or more) students home for lunch to get to know them, and as an opportunity for students to feel connected with the wider church.

As we are hoping in the near future to integrate students into cross-generational connect groups, this could also be a good entry point, providing an opportunity for you to get to know some students. You could perhaps arrange to do the Student Takeaway with your connect group relational core or with friends.

This year we’re aiming to be strategic with the pairing of students and the congregation members, so if you are able to take part, please could you email Rachel Heslop (our Student Leader) at, including:

1. How many students you would be able to take home
2. Which area of the city you live in
3. Whether you have spaces in your car to transport students there/back (where necessary).

We’ll endeavour to pair up students and congregation who live in similar locations where we can.

Thank you to all of you who will be willing to be a part of this. It’s going to be a really fun opportunity that will hopefully bring joy to both you and the students!