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New Community in Eastleigh

New Community's Eastleigh congregation is made up of ordinary people who all love God, care about the people in Eastleigh Borough and want to help our community be transformed and bring hope into every area of life.


If you're new, this is a great place to start. You can find out more about who we are, where we meet, our Sunday services, and more.

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Children and Youth

We really value our children and young people and have lots of groups just for them.

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Get Connected

We're more than just Sunday mornings. There are lots of ways you can connect with other people in our community.

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Prayer, Worship & Study

There are lots of opportunities to meet with others to encounter God and grow in your faith.

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We're involved in several different projects that help our local community.

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  • Sue Singh

    Meet the team

    Sue Singh

    As Team Leader for the Eastleigh congregation, Sue has oversight for all aspects of worship and prayer. Sue also has responsibility for the development of community life at Eastleigh congregation, covering oversight, development and teaching.

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  • Lee Button

    Meet the team

    Lee Button

    Lee is part of the Eastleigh Congregation Leadership Team, and has specific responsibility for operations and communication, putting the right structures in place to ensure the congregation functions well. 

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  • Phil Raw

    Meet the team

    Phil Raw

    As part of the Eastleigh Congregation Leadership Team, Phil is responsible for overseeing discipleship, looking at all aspects of how people can connect and grow in their faith, whether they are a new Christian or have been following God for years.

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  • Gavin Scott

    Meet the team

    Gavin Scott

    As part of the Eastleigh Congregation Leadership Team, Gavin (along with his wife, Hannah) takes responsibility for pastoral care and works with the young adults in the congregation. He also works part-time as a community-life pastor.

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  • Hannah Scott

    Meet the team

    Hannah Scott

    Hannah is also part of the Eastleigh Congregation Leadership Team, and (along with her husband, Gavin), takes responsibility for pastoral care, as well as working with the young adults in the congregation.

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